All-Natural Magnesium Lotion

Smooth, creamy, non-greasy formula made with plant-based ingredients.

No parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, or toxic chemicals – ever.

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Feel the Difference in 15 Minutes

More than two-thirds of the population is deficient in magnesium.
Feel better with a lotion that’s good for you.

✔ Muscle Cramps

✔ Stress & Anxiety

✔ Hormone & Mood Regulation

✔ Blood Circulation

✔ Healthy Heart Rhythms

✔ Fatigue & Muscle Weakness

✔ Steady Blood Sugar

Can you relate?

You're having a hard time sleeping...

... either trouble falling asleep or staying asleep through the night.

It's sometimes hard to focus...

... your mind wanders during conversations, you're forgetting simple things, or you're overly excited and distracted when it's time to get things done.

Your muscles have been hurting...

... from cramps, spasms, stiff joints, or even frequent headaches.

You've been feeling irritable and moody lately...

... maybe it's stress, or hormones, or generally gloomy and sad.

There's a clear lack of energy...

... you're feeling sluggish, run-down, and getting more tired as the day goes on.

You might have a magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium is required for the body to perform over 300 daily functions, yet over 68% of the population is deficient.

(And most doctors don't test for magnesium either.)

Eating Healthy Isn't Enough

Modern food supply contains 80-90% LESS magnesium than the foods our ancestors consumed.
Even if you eat nutritious foods today, magnesium has to be replenished on a daily basis.

Topical Lotion is Best

Taking pills isn't ideal, so we make our lotion with magnesium that's easily absorbed through the skin.
It's gentle, effective, and eliminates upset tummies that traditional supplements can cause.

Consistency Restores Levels

We want strong bones, healthy immune systems, and balanced hormones. And we want to prevent disease and improve our overall health.
Healthy magnesium levels play a major role in these, and the best way to achieve that is with regular and continued use.

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Can magnesium lotion actually help?

Improves sleep cycles.

The magnesium in our lotion works with your body to balance natural sleep hormones before and during sleep – helping you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling more rested.

Reduces movement at night.

Magnesium tells the brain to relax and be still, which leads to restful sleep at night (and less chaos during the day).

Strengthens joints & ligaments.

Joints, ligaments, bones, and muscles all depend on magnesium to stay strong and healthy. This is vital no matter how young or old we may be!

Strengthens bones.

Not only can magnesium deficiency lead to bone loss, but magnesium partners with calcium to maintain strong, healthy bones as a whole.

Balances stress levels.

Stress depletes magnesium and a deficiency can make the body more susceptible to stress, resulting in a vicious cycle. Having a healthy magnesium level means being able to regulate normal mental and physical stress responses.

Fights fatigue & increases energy.

The body uses magnesium to produce energy molecules and convert food into energy you can actually use. Without magnesium, you can end up feeling tired and sluggish.

Introducing a lotion that nourishes your family
from the inside out.

Our creamy, non-greasy lotion absorbs quickly & easily – without making your skin burn or feel itchy.

Magnesium Lotion (Original)

Magnesium Lotion (Sleep)

Magnesium Bath Flakes

Magnesium Oil

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Addicted to Sleeping Well

“I was skeptical buying this, despite awesome reviews. I struggle with insomnia, migraines, and leg pain due to a neurological disease. My high school daughter struggles with insomnia and we tried essential oils and melatonin and nothing worked. So I bought one for each of us. The first night I slept like a log and so did she. We figured it was a just a mental thing we told ourselves. But we have now been using it for weeks. We both are addicted! We both sleep so well, I sleep with less pain waking me up in my body, and best of all my blood pressure has lowered and migraines have massively improved. I am a believer and have sent a screenshot to family members to GO BUY!”


Melissa F.

Verified Buyer

Leg Cramps are Gone

“I bought this for my mom, who has restless legs at night. She has used it the past three nights, and her legs have been great, which she says is amazing. I also have been using it on my four year old, who often gets leg cramps at night, which we attribute to “growing pains” or more exercise than usual. He has not had any trouble with his legs on the nights we use the magnesium lotion. Thank you! We really appreciate you offering this product!”


Amy F.

Verified Buyer

Love the Clean Ingredients

“This lotion is amazing for relief of muscle aches and for improving sleep!! It has a great consistency for easily massaging into skin! Thank you for creating a great product with only clean ingredients!! We love it. Even my kiddos can easily use it!”


Verified Buyer

I'm Proof That This Works

“I admit to being skeptical that a topical application of magnesium could help my restless legs–but I knew that ingesting magnesium supplements didn’t help. I don’t have restless legs every night, but when I do, it ruins a whole night’s sleep. I’m 82 years old, and social security is our only income, so spending money on a product I was skeptical about made me nervous! But I finally decided to give it a try. I used it for several nights and had NO restless leg problem–was still skeptical that it was actually the lotion that helped, so stopped using it, to see what would happen. A couple nights later, the restlessness recurred, so I got up, applied the lotion, and went back to bed. Legs still restless–for about two minutes–lol. Then the restlessness stopped and I dropped off to sleep! Now, I’m convinced!”


Verified Buyer

Overcame Insomnia

“This lotion is absolutely amazing! My grandmother has severe insomnia and restless leg, along with muscle cramps. I purchased this for her and she ended up not using it. After not sleeping at all for two nights, I asked her if she had used the cream. Knowing the answer, I went to get it and applied it the debilitating foot cramps she had been suffering through for over 48 hours. Within 5 minutes, they were completely gone. I told her to apply it that night before bed. She has for the last four nights and for the first time in years, sleeps 8 HOURS STRAIGHT!!!”


Verified Buyer

My Kid No Longer Worries

My son is 10yrs old and suffers from anxiety, both during the day and at night. He is a restless sleeper, has nightmares often, wakes up all night upset, many nights coming into our bed for comfort/safety. We tried many things but nothing seemed to help. After a friend suggested Magnesium lotion we gave it a try. We have been using it with a combination of essential oils, quiet music, and prayer. He has SLEPT ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT FOR ALMOST A WEEK! We are so happy with the results! He struggles with other issues- sensory processing, attention issues, hyperactivity, etc. Getting a good night sleep is a huge deal. We hope this will only improve other aspects of his life. Praise God for this product and thank you for making such a valuable resource to help so many people. We love it!

Kristina K.

Verified Buyer

Relief for Dry & Itchy Skin

I am in absolute AWE of this product!! My son has excema really bad and suffers from itchy /dry skin at night. This product works wonders for him plus, he sleeps peacfully and sound without all the scratching as he used to do. I highly recommend you purchase the Magnesium Lotion, you will not regret it!


Verified Buyer

Resolved My Magnesium Deficiency

I bought this for my kids to help them sleep better at night and decided to try it on myself as well and it has worked wonders! I didn’t even realize I had almost all of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency, I assumed it was having 4 kids 8 and under with 2 being 11 months apart and both currently 2 and also homeschooling. Nope! It was magnesium deficiency and I feel SO much better since I have been using this nightly! I would highly recommend this to anyone, it’s amazing and I fully intend to buy more when I run out!

Ashley F.

Verified Buyer

Works for the Whole Family

We love this lotion! My husband and I and kids (2,5,8,10) all use it. I’ve noticed huge improvements. It really helps with constipation and bed wetting. I’ve also noticed the kids toss and turn less and fall asleep quicker. I will buy more and am recommending it to friends.

Sarah H.

Verified Buyer

Bedtime is Enjoyable Again

This lotion has really helped with bedtime at my house. I have 4 kids (2,4,7,&9) and they all enjoy their nightly back or leg runs. My older 2 say that they think the lotion helps them relax at night. I love that I can feel confident in the ingredients, knowing I’m not putting anything harmful on my kiddos.

Stephanie L.

Verified Buyer

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