Welcome to the Magnesium Lotion Family…

Hey there, my name is Mike and I’m finally sleeping again… thanks, and no thanks, to my wife.

I say that tongue-in-cheek, because she’s the reason I didn’t sleep for over a year, and she’s also the reason why we’re both sleeping like babies again.

Speaking of babies – that was part of the problem.

For 18+ months – through pregnancy and postpartum – my wife’s body was slowly running out of a nutrient vital to over 300 functions in the body (including sleep) to the point of depletion.

Some of the symptoms of running low on this nutrient overlap with symptoms of pregnancy, so she didn’t realize there was a problem until nearly two years after the baby was born and she couldn’t sleep.

Which meant I wasn’t sleeping either…

Fast forward several months and more than a handful of rabbit trails down Dr. Google and she was able to track back the root cause of her fidgeting at bedtime: magnesium deficiency.

Unfortunately, most options for restoring healthy levels of magnesium come with unwanted side effects, like upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and irritated skin.

My wife tried everything short of a prescription, and it all came with negative side effects…

Except one.

She started making her own topical magnesium and ever since, we both fall asleep quickly and stay asleep through the night.

She shared her success with her audience (she’s a food blogger) and they wanted to buy it from her. We made 50 lotions that weekend in our kitchen, and sold out within two hours.

Fast forward to today and we’ve developed an ultra-smooth, creamy lotion with one of the highest concentrations of magnesium on the market. It’s all natural and plant based, absorbs quickly and easily, and it’s made without junky stuff like parabens, phthalates, and synthetic chemicals. Oh, and it’s safe enough for pregnant women and kids!

We hope you enjoy our lotion as much as we do, and enjoy the restful sleep that comes from regular use. If you ever have any questions, our inbox is always open. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page and we’ll respond personally.

– Mike